I admire you. A love letter.

I admire you, perfect in your imperfection, perfect for me, a dream of lost sleepless nights.

I love your art, your creativity, your ideas, the magnificence of your mind, your hands your talent and practice to reach where you are.

It is all of you that I adore, your body shaped in an enticing way that is a secret code only for me, your hips, your breast, your heart within your chest, those legs that lead all the way to your hidden place. I love your ass, which I want to kiss and bite. That space between your shoulder and your neck, a place to place my head, to nibble and caress as I turn you on or where I can fall asleep.

I love what we create. The vision on your mind, the colours you make vibrate, a true princess witch, composer of colour and line, a symphony for the eyes.

I admire your passion, errant as much as mine but placed with a right hearth, you resonate in me as your ideas spread into the world. I heed your call, and I shall help as much as you need me to. I will be by your side if you shall ever chose me to do so.

This you in the making, a work in progress, a piece of art you make of yourself, I admire close, and in the distance at the same time, admiration in your growth, admiration to the you reinventing yourself. A painting in a museum as you paint yourself. I love you, I love you even more than I love that fucking Vang Gogh's Chair. 


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