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The fantastical journal of a Bureaucrat. Febraury 1st 2018

I began this experiment a few years back, when I was in a dead end job as a mid level bureaucrat. It was an escape and a writing excersise. I shall re take it and make share this journey through this irreverent world that is not Mexico but something of what my country would be if it was a sort of RPG.

I shall begin with today and upload previous entries in the following days.

February 1st. 2018. year of the Dark Lords.

It was a day.
That is the way to put it.
I did many things today, not exactly the parts of my routine but things.
The day began by my trying not to jerk off and succeeding. Wiii, then father came as I was half reading Lies of Locke Lamora in the morning and gave me a quest for the day.
I was to go to the closest market and trade this piece of paper for different services, the service to summon the voice of my allies and enemies from the crystal device. To pay the bank of soulless ghouls for our right of housing. Those guys give me the creeps with their dead stare, s…

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