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When the music is gone.

Silence falls drowning the music of the bar. There is only the rain and the silence in my head as I stare at the half empty beer in front of me and the fully empty chair beyond that.
Alone in a bar that is getting crowded.
That is why she wanted me here so early, so either she would not have to deal with the multitude once she left or I could find some company to drown the solitude.
Rain pours down and the streets get empty as places get full with people awaiting the rain to pass, in the meantime ordering a coffee to get warm, or a cocktail to warm up.
A girl takes the sit in front of me.
"summer rain, huh?"
"huh yes…Do you mind…" I trail not watching her wet white shirt nor her dripping dark long hair, trying to avoid her sandy-green eyes.
"oh sorry, is this taken, I wont be long, I just…"
"no, its not, You can take the sit, just…I just want to be alone for a while."
"oh sorry about that, I just saw you staring at the bottle…

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