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Dark days

There have been dark days here at the bar. Literal dark days, where we could not even turn a candle for light due to the raging winds and leaks. We had to spend the night hugging each other  on the floor of the backroom of the bar. Times were the only heat came from each other and we were too sad and scared of what the past had made with us and of what the future had in store for us.
Brother and sister of different mothers. Sleepless, shivering and sobbing. Life haunting us, and a will to leave, to live, to move on from the nightmares that we still shared in our dreams.
Sometimes I held her from the back, caressing her neck as she cried herself to sleep. Other times it was me who would be screaming and cursing as she pressed my head to her chest.
Those were dark days.

Days when the music had not arrived yet.

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