A petty vengeance story

He had never found himself anywhere else from his comfort zone, so "happy" so "friendly", helping people on other positions become stronger and himself by extension.

A lifetime of office work and political work.

It was worthless in the last minutes of his life.

It had been planned as a revenge. But soon enough things got out of hand and the last things that lasted were the two of them.

An entity summoned by a grieving man. Not desperate, but certifiably mad, he wanted his revenge not for the sake of the pain, but out of curiosity and a little bit of non-harmless fun.

The investigation certainly was harmless fun, he suddenly just had too much time on his hands. He got kicked out of his job, and he had nothing to do, he was angry, not mad angry, because he was planning on quitting anyway, what got him angry was the way things had developed, no payment, no notice, no nothing.

He had the time, he had a motive.

Meh, might as well kill off some one in the off time.

Preparations were dealt. Now he just needed a blood sacrifice.

That had already been taken care off as well.

An annoyance had to be dealt with and that was it. The main show was for someone who had not been his boss, but certainly deserved the punishment and a lesson. And that lesson was to be paid with his life.

It was not that something came out wrong, it was just that, he did not care about consequences as long as his objective, menial as it was, was complete.

The entity, forgotten but for few people, suddenly re-surfaced out of its own will to explain its own summoning ritual on the dark corners of the web, far away from the people that were looking for ways to exterminate it, trying to find ancient lost textbooks. Silly people, Internet was the perfect place, It just had to wait.

And so. With the summoning ritual complete. The entity came into our plane, breaking the laws of physics and the man that summoned It.

He was the last soul released and not eaten by that.

But he had been summoned with a purpose. To find and punish a man. And so, even if the caster had been killed, the purpose still lingered, and upon competition he had to turn back to the hell-hole it had come from.

This is not exactly a good story.

This is just a matter of fact story.

Of a man named Luis, who was the last man on earth…no, the last living soul in the universe. Found first by a chaotic entity seeking chaos and destruction. Granting him an eternal life, and imprisoning him in his very core, forced to watch as that thing ate the souls of friends and family, and yet that was not his punishment. Waking nightmares and terrors on his mind, and yet that was not his punishment. Growing old and suffering, as an immortal body, aged for it was not an eternal youth. And yet it was not his punishment. Peeling of skin, pleasant memories corrupted and haunting him, and yet that was not his punishment.

The entity just wanted a toy, something to play with, to the end of time. Yet that was not its punishment.

He had something special just thought for him. And he explained it to him, every reason, every detail, every moment that was to come to him to the end of time and how after the end of time and as they were the last two beings of existence, he would grow bored, and be done with his punishment. Just to go back to that place from whence he was summoned, out of time and space. And if the being wanted, he would just go back and be summoned again, just in that same time he was summoned the first time. And just as that moment repeated itself, it would split his being, force him to become the very thing that enacted those horrible acts upon him. And he would be free, just after the punishment upon himself and relive every moment, minute and second, and be conscious that it was himself that did it and that it was himself that brought it upon him, just for licking someone else ass, and following orders.

And every night, he would have a millisecond of madness, an instant in which his own mind escaped, and made him think that it was all a nightmare, that he is still working in an office that he is still just following orders and that it was just the worst dream and only dream that he would ever have. A nightmare plague that would haunt every version of his existence, until each and everyone despair and find themselves, alone, and death inside, and he would curse in his waking moments, each and everyone of them that has that simple punishment, that they are only. Death inside.

And that is the truth.

For death is a relief, and Death is actually just a new beginning. And suffering in life, will never end.

The soul that released the chaos was free. Free and that is thanks to that man, Luis, who incidentally, cursed himself to eternal damnation. The soul would never thank him, but it was certainly a relief.


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