An spontaneous death

There was nothing wrong he had done.

He was a normal man, a normal person, with his rights and wrongs. He left his home to change pace, he some times fought with his girlfriend and in the end that is all normal stuff, the common sins, he had never hurt anyone, he had always played by the rules, like a honourable citizen, he had failed and got up, he had sinned and fucked up, but all in the sake of learning like a normal person.

Then as it hit him, and his brain realised in that fraction of a second what had happened, he wondered two things, what was it that happened, and why did it had to be him. "I mean" he thought "why am I death".

The bullet pierced his skull suddenly as he was walking down the road, the sidewalk of a busy street, he was going to visit his girlfriend, and he felt good.

He was just stopping by to grab a bouquet of flowers, it wasn't an special occasion or anything, he just wanted to surprise her. He suddenly saw the stunning arrangement and had to buy it, lighten up her day. A street vendor.

He grabbed the colourful bouquet.

The bullet made contact with his skull the moment he was paying for it.

The first thing that reacted was the immediate pain. Just a flash and momentary, it dissipated as fast as it came. Electric pulses are faster than bullets, and it is by electric pulses that the brain process everything, you may say it was painless and it was a "mercy" that he died instantly, but in that fraction of a second between the bullet piercing and the brain being destroyed, it is as if time freezes. Some say they can see their life go trough their eyes. It is an expression good as any. But it is more than that, the brain rushes to a last struggle but it also knows instinctively that all is over already.

The bullet pierced, pain was felt, pain disappeared to be replaced by those thoughts, why me, then he tried to make sense of everything. He replayed his last moments over and over again, then comparing it at the same time with all of his memories, trying to pin down the moment when someone dimmed him to deserve death as punishment. Dejavú over Dejavú as his mind replayed his own life. The moment he screamed to someone in traffic. 

The bullet went deeper, he no longer felt pain.

That guy in school he did not pass the answers to the test, not because he thought it was wrong to pass the answers but because he did not know them.

Metal pierced ahead in within his skull. He no could no longer stand.

That time he broke up with her ex girlfriend, he thought they had ended in good terms, heck they even still went with common friends to the movies sometimes.

It went ahead, giving him a metal taste in the mouth, in his whole being.

He no longer cared about guilt, he might as well enjoy this time stop. Re-live his best moments, his first cake, his first kiss, his first time. His best times, a lifetime of his greatest times in an instant.

Things were shutting down. The projectile advanced.

His mind twisted a bit. Hey why limit himself with reality, this was his eternal last moment, why not make "real" all his fantasies, in that moment frozen in time he lived a different life-time, he was fulfilled, he made love to all the women he ever wanted, he accomplished everything.

He no longer cared about anything, he just remembered, his feelings were cut off as the 9mm cone went trough separating, smashing, destroying.

He remembered he loved his girlfriend, but he no longer cared, he remembered the small stuff  he had forgotten. That time he forgot to say hello, that time he was greeted by his mother, that time he went to work and there was almost no traffic.

He remembered he was paying for the flowers in his hand, and watched slowly, just before his mind shut down, how the face of the vendor changed from a pleasant "thank you, have a nice day" to a shit-scared "FUCK FUCK FUCK NO NO NO FUCK".

The man died, thinking he did not got to pay the gift for his girlfriend and was sorry that the vendor got his blood all over.

He had not done anything wrong, actually it was sort of a bad place bad moment case. Sort of.

A man hired an assassin, the assassins was supposed to fire at a certain spot in an specific time with just one bullet, that certain spot was where the florist was standing. The assassin did his job, as strictly specified, he wondered what that man had done and how did his contractor know exactly the spot and exact time, hell it even looked like the man had just had an impulse buy. The assassin left the equipment without leaving further evidence, it had been just a hit, and left the thoughts about it in the room.

The man who hired the assassin just wanted someone death, that was the only reason the man had died, it could have been the flower vendor, it could have been the very same assassin, dying of poisoning after he completed a different job, a job with purpose, but the man just picked a location, a time, and made the assassin fire away.

And actually the florist had actually done worst things, things without forgiveness, without remorse, it just wasn't his time, and as he watched the man collapse in front of him, getting a flesh wound from the same bullet that got trough the man's brain, the florist realised, things would not change, but something did change, a part was completely shut off, watching the man collapse into the floor, spilling his brain all over the place, the flowers, the clothes, the ground. That person would never feel anything again, even if the bullet just made a flesh wound in the florist, that person was dead inside too. Alive without purpose, waiting for the body to decay and die. That scene, destroyed the self awareness of that person. A random death without reason.

A carcass of what used to be a man lied on the floor, painting all the colourful flowers, and the floor, stained with red and grey, the florist collapsed, his knees gave in, he was bleeding without feeling pain, without feeling anything. His breath was ragged and his face in shock. People ran away to  hide and take cover, three seconds later after it was over, no body knew. It could have been any of the witnesses. The man that ordered the hit did not even know there would be a florist in that spot, it was a busy street. A man wanted someone death. He had killed two with the same bullet. One actually deserved it, the other just was meant.

The man was satisfied.


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